About Us:

Jordan’s Launch is the only public launch servicing Marblehead Harbor. Our newly built launch boat, Finn, services the entire length of the main harbor. We run from all public docks including docks at State Street, Commercial Street, Cliff Street, and Parker’s Boatyard. To request a ride, simply hail Jordan’s Launch on a VHF radio and provide the driver with your location. Launch service is available to the general public for use between public docks and moored boating vessels. Both season passes and single trip passes are available for purchase.


Rich Jordan started Jordan’s Marine in 1989. Since then, he has been servicing moorings in Marblehead, Salem, and Swampscott harbors. In his over 30 years running Jordan’s Marine, he has noticed the lack of public access to Marblehead Harbor. After many years of planning, Rich started Jordan’s Launch to provide residents and visitors with a public launch service. Jordan’s Launch’s first vessel, Finn, completed construction by Fortier Boats in Somerset, MA in late 2021 and will begin operations in Marblehead Harbor Spring of 2022.