Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I am at a public landing, how do I call the launch to pick me up?
A. To hail the launch, hail us on VHF channel 71 for a pickup. Please state your location and specify you are requesting Jordan’s Launch. For example, “Jordan’s Launch we are requesting a pickup at the State Street dock”

Q. How do I purchase a pass to go out to my boat?
A. You can pay the driver with cash or use a credit card payment to purchase trips. The driver can accept credit card payments at the time of your ride, or you can pre purchase tickets online. Please note that you will have to present the driver with your ticket before getting on the launch.

Q. Is the season pass good for each person or for each boat?
A. Season passes are good for each boat. This means that anyone going out to the boat the pass is good for, will not have to pay for their ride. We will provide courtesy rides to family members and guests of passholding boats to other locations.

Q. Where can the launch pick me up from?
A. The launch picks up passengers from public docks in the main harbor. This includes docks at State Street, Cliff Street, Commercial Street, and Parker’s Boatyard.

Q. My boat is on the outer edge of the harbor, will you still bring me to it?
A. Yes, we are servicing all of the main mooring field in Marblehead Harbor at this time.

Q. I am waiting at the dock for a pickup, but don’t see the launch. What should I do?
A. Make sure that you have hailed the launch on a VHF channel 71 and provided your location. If you did not receive a response from the driver, this likely means your transmission did not go through so try again. Alternatively, you can call 781-631-5992 to request a pickup. Please note that phone calls may be missed during busy times, so the best way to request a ride is through VHF.

Q. Where can I park for launch service?
A. We currently do not have any parking reserved for launch customers. Street parking is available throughout downtown Marblehead. Please note that some parking is limited to 2 hours. Parking can be limited during peak times so please plan accordingly.

Q. Do you also do mooring service?
A. Rich Jordan operates both Jordan’s Launch and Jordan’s Marine. For mooring related questions, please visit our website or contact our office at 781-631-5992 or email us at